Painting Professionals

More than brushes & ladders Blue Chip Painting and Sandblasting Contractors is a full-service commercial/industrial painting company. Blue Chip has built an efficient, high value painting business that will easily exceed the expectations of even the most skeptical facility administrators.

Our specialties include industrial and commercial painting in Michigan and the Tri-State area, as well as industrial sandblasting, whether on site or in our shop facilities. Our sandblasting services can proficiently handle projects of any size, from graffiti, tanks, to heavy construction and industrial equipment in our shop.

As a full service commercial painting contractor in Michigan/Ohio/Indiana, our expertise in commercial painting is wide ranging and our commitment to safety is second to none. Our team can handle versatile painting projects with finesse like country clubs and churches across the state, as well as industrial and municipal painting projects like water towers, bridges, hospitals and schools.